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DSE 2020 Writing A1

By: t9901, Views: 922

A video introducing the part A writing DSE 2020

F5 1st term exam answer -2

By: t9501, Views: 492

F5 exam answer -2

F5 1st term exam answer -1

By: t9501, Views: 515

F5 exam answer -1

F4 1st term exam answer

By: t9501, Views: 574

F4 exam answer

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading B1 Q34-42

By: t9901, Views: 532

A video explaining answers to Q34-42, B1, F5 First term reading exam

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading B1 texts summary

By: t9901, Views: 555

The video gives you a summary of the passages in F5 first term reading exam Part B1 (2019-2020)

F.6 Newspaper Exercise Guidance

By: t1703, Views: 953

Writing a letter to the editor (Write 150-200 words) Dear ________ Paragraph 1: Purpose / Aim of writing this letter (I am writing to ... ) Paragraph 2: Do you think people in HK are lonely? Why? Give at least two reasons Paragraph 3: Suggest at least two ways people can do to create ...

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading Q15-20

By: t9901, Views: 541

A video explaining the answer to the F5 First exam reading Q15-20

DSE 2020 Writing A3

By: t9901, Views: 875

A video tells you some adjectives describing service