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5S writing Email of Advice 3

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Writing Feb 2020

5S writing Email of Advice 4

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Writing Feb 2020

5S writing Email of Advice 6

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5S writing Feb 2020

F2cd2_an article_common errors

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F2cd2_an article_common errors


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4S-writing-complaint letter-common mistakes

5S Writing Correction Guidelines

By: t9901, Views: 524

This is a video showing you how to do your corrections for your writing.

5S writing Email of Advice 5

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5S writing

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading B1 Q27-33

By: t9901, Views: 569

A video explaining the answer to Q27-33 of the 2019-2020 F5 First exam Reading B1 Q27-33

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading Q1-8

By: t9901, Views: 540

A video explaining F5 (2019-2020) first term reading exam Q1-8