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F4 數學 2.1.: 直線方程: a.一般式(通式) b.兩點式 c.點斜式

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MathF4_02-1_LinearEquation: a.General, b.Point-Slope, c.Two-Point Form

S4 Ch02.1A point-slope form & 2-pt form

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S4 ch 2.1 two point firm

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Two pt form

S4 ch2.1c

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Point slope form

S4 ch 2.1c點斜式

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S4 point slope form !

4S Math - 1.1B Point slope form

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4S Math - 1.1B Point slope form

4S Math - 1.1A Two point form

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4S Math - 1.1A Two point form

F4 數學 2.2.: 直線方程: b.兩直線交點的坐標

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MathF4_02-2_LinearEquation: b.Coordinates of Point of Intersection of Two Straight Lines

F.1 Chapter 10_Angles in Intersecting and Parallel Lines_1

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Angles at a point, adjacent angles on straight line, vertically opposite angles