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1920-F5-First Exam Reading passage summary

By: t9901, Views: 506

A video summarises the reading passage A of F5 (2019-2020) First term Reading exam

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading B1 Q21-26

By: t9901, Views: 416

A video discussing 2019-2020 F5 first exam reading part B1 Q21-26

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading Q1-8

By: t9901, Views: 377

A video explaining F5 (2019-2020) first term reading exam Q1-8

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading Q9-14

By: t9901, Views: 440

A video explaining the answers to 2019-2020 F5 First reading exam Q8-14

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading B1 Q27-33

By: t9901, Views: 408

A video explaining the answer to Q27-33 of the 2019-2020 F5 First exam Reading B1 Q27-33

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading B1 Q34-42

By: t9901, Views: 398

A video explaining answers to Q34-42, B1, F5 First term reading exam

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading B1 texts summary

By: t9901, Views: 416

The video gives you a summary of the passages in F5 first term reading exam Part B1 (2019-2020)

1920-F5-FirstExam Reading Q15-20

By: t9901, Views: 384

A video explaining the answer to the F5 First exam reading Q15-20

F.2 English Unit 1 Reading Aloud for exam

By: t9438, Views: 519

Unit 1 Reading Aloud for exam